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Dance Links

Here are some websites for reading more about dance:

Cornish Dance Newsletter describes how active the alumni and faculty of the Cornish Dance Department are in the local and national dance community. (See the PDF links on the right-side of the page).

BayDance.com, to catch up with dance happenings in the San Francisco area.

Voice of Dance, with listings, events and merchandise. You can sign up for a free email newsletter or become a member for added benefits.

DanceView Times, originated and run by Alexandra Tomalonis, has reviews and articles from throughout the dance world.

The Dance Insider, originated and run by Paul Ben-Itzak and his colleagues, has reviews, advice and a paid-for directory.

Dance Magazine site has some performance reviews and other web content in addition to what's published in the magazine itself.

Ballet Talk is a moderated bulletin board for discussing ballet and dance, primarily in the US.

ArtsJournal.com includes a daily summary of newspaper articles about the arts, and some blogs on arts topics. Check out Foot in Mouth by Apollinaire Scherr and Seeing Things by Tobi Tobias for dance reviews and issues.

LondonDance.com for news and events in the London dance world.

Ballet.co.uk tends to focus on English companies, but the Latest Reviews section of the site includes dance links from all over the world.

Article19 Contemporary Dance Online is an often provocative site commenting on contemporary dance issues, mainly in the UK.

You can also find dance topics at On the Boards' blog and Jim Demetre's ArtsDish.