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General Resources

You'll find tools and advice here to help you with organizing your own performances, including:

Applying for grants

The more Seattle choreographers ask for funding collectively, the larger the percentage of local arts funding will be allocated to dance projects. It is also important to be consistently applying for grants, as this keeps funders up-to-date with your needs and projects.

We've split our information into three sections:

  • Getting started: what you need to know before you begin to apply.
  • Tips for writing successful grant applications.
  • Links to local and national grantmakers, and sites for doing more research.

Thanks to Alice de Muizon for access to her grants list, Lila Hurwitz from Artist Trust and Christine Fiedler O'Connor for more ideas, and Donna Fernandez for reproducing articles about grant writing.

Promoting your work

The Stimulating Organizational Success (S.O.S.) section of the monthly e-newsletters from the Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs have featured articles about promoting arts events in the city.

Click to read about creating a press kit and local media contacts.

Thanks to Kathy Hsieh for letting us provide links to the articles.

More ideas to follow!

Sourcing production resources

We've compiled a list of businesses and services that have proved valuable to Seattle dance artists.

You'll find listings of designers, photographers, and videographers in the Directory.

If you know of a great resource that you would be willing to share, please dancingmaster [at] seattledancenet [dot] org (email us) and we'll add it to the list.